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Here’s what just some of our satisfied clients have said about us and our work:

“Pro-Eye helped me to improve my resident base, giving them a greater feeling of safety to the residents and staff. When prospective residents visit and see the footage displayed in the office, many of them comment on how much they like the camera system. They tell me it gives them “a sense of security…” When asked if she thought the system is a good management tool she replied,“ Yes. My rents are higher, I get better quality applicants who stay longer and I have less crime to deal with. The ones who are up to no good see the cameras and many times move on. We also were able to provide a copy of the footage to the police to assist them in charging and prosecuting of criminal acts”
Julia O.-Creative Property Management

“I have a particularly troublesome pool/playground amenity area, located far away from the office, making routing checks much more difficult. Typical problems include kids or non-residents doing the typical things, smoking, loitering, drinking, vandalism etc. Before the Pro-Eye system came online, staff members had to physically visit the area and confront the offenders personally, which was sometimes very unnerving. We had to maintain the age-old rouse of walking with our cell phones acting as if we had called the police and were waiting for them to arrive, but knew we were basically on our own. The typical end result was usually compliance, but it’s a scairy feeling walking up a group of folks that you don’t know and ask them to do something that they may not really want to do. The area’s location made consistant monitoring impossible for it would detract personell from other critical leasing or maintenance. It’s ongoing and a drain on staff time, especially with the unauthorized kids using the pool. The (Pro-Eye) system ‘s (Active Management) feature is very easy to use and we can quickly and easily deal with issues, night or day, from the safety and security of the office or home, using our own voice or preprogrammed voice tones. Its more efficient and safer me and the staff.”
Gloria C.- Centra Partners

“Our electrical Coop recently constructed two new multi service centers in rural areas. In addition to the inherantly hazardous conditions present in seemingly all industrial environments, we repeatedly fell victim to theft of very expensive spools of higauge wire, which really began to affect our operations. In addition, our on-site payment center processes many cash transactions each day, so our system needed to address safety and accountability issues as well. After reviewing the competition, we dedided to go with Pro-eye. They were quick, responsive and the system works great and is easy to use. We havent had an issue since they turned the system on.”
Rick H.- Heart of Texas Electrical Coop

“Pro-Eye’s Managed IT services are just what we needed. They assisted us investigating and creating our new server based system, as well as migrated all of our applications to the new environment. In addition, their response for repairs time is very fast and the techs are very friendly and thorough. Thanks Pro-Eye.”
Valerie A.-Quality Assured Construction

“Pro Eye was easy to deal with, did what they said they would and installed a system that stays up and works great and the pricing was great. We can see our assets 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We would definitely use them again.”
Key K. and Judd M.- The Raiden Group