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Multi-Family Solutions

Pro-Eye Multi-Family Solutions have been developed by multi-family professionals to help clients cost-effectively:

  • Improve overall asset performance and NOI.
  • Increase resident and staff safety.
  • Deter on-site crime/vandalism.
  • Decrease liability and improve worksite accountability.

Our turnkey solutions include:

Asset Type Use
Camera Solutions From access points to amenity areas to “hotspots” around property, Pro-Eye provides multi-family clients with immediate, efficient and cost effective solutions to operational challenges involving crime, liability, accountability, and unwanted behaviors, while making it safer and more efficient for staff.
WIFI Solutions Given today’s limited data plans, provide residents with an amenity that they appreciate, while improving communication. Great for pools, playground/picnic areas, clubhouses, dog parks, computer areas etc. Completely turnkey and cost effective enough to create multiple areas on the same property. Let Pro-Eye install and manage yours today.
Telemetry Solutions In the middle of a rehab or major turn to market rents? Have vacant units that you need to manage, or do you just want to improve on-site leasing staff performance?  We can provide technology that tracks model and vacant unit visits and organizes the data into a web based dashboard viewable in real time from anywhere.
Managed IT Solutions We provide multi-family clients with cost effective, courteous IT help when they need it.  Pro-Eye is always just a click away.  We understand what keeps your business running and can provide clients with planned, high quality service, on site or at HQ level.

Affordable Lease Plan

We also offer our clients affordable leasing programs tailored to meet their individual needs/budgets. Let us help you to minimize the up-front cost typically associated with systems of this size.  Maximize investor return and asset performance with low monthly payments associated with a Pro Eye Service Lease.