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Industrial Solutions

Industrial environments are hazardous and demanding, wrought with liability exposure. In addition, both internal and external theft is an ongoing problem.  Pro-Eye can help clients to affordably improve their bottom line by decreasing theft and improving both site control and workplace safety and accountability.

Our solutions include:

Asset Type Use
Camera Solutions From general surveillance of access points, sensitive areas and yard expanses to other areas like loading docks or warehouses that require more intensive management, Pro-Eye provides clients with an arsenal that can cost effectively improve their site control and workplace safety and security.
WIFI Solutions Track inventory and provide a working network allowing networked machines to operate more efficiently and in tandem with other programs used on site.
Telemetry Solutions Monitor gates, storage and sensitive area access control as well as asset location options. Pro-Eye Telemetry products are flexible enough to cost-effectively monitor what’s needed and deliver real time data in a quick and easy format anywhere in the world.
Managed IT Solutions We can help clients to streamline and organize programs to improve workplace efficiency.  Our deep understanding of office networking, servers as well as industry specific applications allows us to assist our industrial clients to spend more time building and selling products and less time fixing their computers.