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Managed IT Solutions

Let’s face it. Today’s property management business is completely reliant on technology to run efficiently and profitably and when IT systems fail, business comes to a screeching halt and every down minute costs time and money. Most leasing offices networks host management software (ex: One Site, Yardi), staff email/reporting and tenant/screening applications. In addition, corporate headquarters networks are even more multi-family specific, requiring industry specific knowledge. Successful multi-family firms need an IT services company who understands their specific needs, how to manage costs associated with those needs, and how to quickly get them back up and stay on-line. That company is Pro-Eye Solutions.

Pro-Eye Solutions’ extensive multi-family experience allows us to offer managed IT services aimed at saving clients time and money in both short and long term. Our understanding of multi-family specific office environment helps us to quickly and efficiently solve our client’s problems, getting them back on-line, usually within 24 hours.

We provide management partners both on-site and corporate offices with IT services including:

  • Network Installation and Care
  • User/PC Care
  • Server Management
  • Printer Management
  • IT Vendor Management
  • General IT Consulting

Thinking of upgrading your IT service without upgrading the price? Call or email us today to learn how Pro-Eye Solutions can help you.